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The best LEGO creations on Flickr — all in one place

sauce: The Brothers Brick: The best LEGO creations on Flickr — all in one place

Simply put, we didn’t blog everything that deserved to be blogged in 2008. In some cases, time just got away from us before we gave a major event like Brick Fan Town the full write-up it deserved (though the Visual Tour is still well worth a look). In other cases, we just missed an amazing LEGO creation completely.

“Reflection” by birdboykristian.

As I tried to write a post about the “Best LEGO creations of 2008 we really should’ve blogged,” I got invited to the LEGO - Top rating images group on Flickr.

“Super Electric Robot Team” by Peter Reid.

The group pulls together the three most-favorited photo from each member, ranging from amazing photos with hundreds of faves to hidden gems with just a few. An interesting way to view this group pool is to sort all of the photos by, well, “interestingness.”

“The War Wagon” by Fedde.

A site called Flickriver lets you flip through sets of photos by recency, randomly, or by how “interesting” they are. Scrolling down the Flickriver page for “LEGO - Top rating images” is like looking through a Greatest Hits selection from the last few years. I’m proud to say we’ve featured nearly all of the top photos from that group, but I loved seeing new things alongside all my old favorites.

Meatspace “Grillbot” by Ryan Wod.

So, take some time and check out the LEGO - Top rating images group. You just might find a few new favorites yourself.

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