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Crazy Japan Builds Crazy Highways to Drive People Crazy [Architecture]

sauce: Gizmodo: Crazy Japan Builds Crazy Highways to Drive People Crazy [Architecture]

This road smashing into a building and emerging out on the other side is the most "normal" highway in this album of Japanese infrastructures collected by Dark Roasted Blend.

[Dark Roasted Blend]

22 Aralık 2008 Pazartesi

LG 14.1-inch laptop LCD for indoor and outdoor use

if this is working in everyday use as intended this technology is pure WIN!

sauce: Obsessable: LG 14.1-inch laptop LCD for indoor and outdoor use

LG has developed a new LCD technology offering transmissive and reflective illumination, which basically means that it will perform well both inside in normal lighting conditions and outside in the sun. LG's Backlight Data Signal Switching Technology will allow users to easily switch between the two modes. The transmissive mode offers a backlight like the majority of current laptops and cellphones, whereas the reflective mode will use ambient light to generate contrast for the screen's display. This reflective mode will have the added benefit of consuming 75% less energy than the traditional backlit method, which should mean prolonged battery life in laptops featuring this technology. These LG displays aren't available in any devices yet, but the original production run is aimed to develop 14.1-inch screens for laptops, so we should be seeing a few laptops with this technology after it officially debuts at CES 2009.

Murloc bento box looks strangely tasty

sauce: Wow Insider: Murloc bento box looks strangely tasty

17 Aralık 2008 Çarşamba

2008 Greek riots

sauce: boston.com

On the night of Saturday, December 6th, two Special Guards of the Greek police clashed with a small group of young men. The exact details of what took place are still unclear, but it is known that one of the Guards fired three shots, and one of those bullets caused the death of 15-year-old Alexander Grigoropoulos - whether the injury was made by an accidental ricochet or deliberate shot remains to be determined. The two Guards are now in jail awaiting trial, the shooter charged with homicide. This incident sparked an immediate and widespread response in the form of angry demonstrations and riots in many Greek cities that have continued at varying levels to this day - though dimming in intensity recently. Alexander's death appears to have been a catalyst, unleashing widespread Greek anger towards many issues - police mistreatment of protesters, unwelcome education reforms, economic stagnation, government corruption and more.

(37 photos total)

Soma Fm

14 unique channels of listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative radio broadcasting from San Francisco.

sauce: Soma Fm

my favourite channels are:

lush,secret agent, groove salad (tbh all channels are great!).

The Mactini: The Inevitable Future of Apple in a Post-Netbook World [Parody]

sauce: Gizmodo: The Mactini: The Inevitable Future of Apple in a Post-Netbook World [Parody]

Who could have guessed that the most prescient technologist of our day would be a relatively unknown British sketch comedian?

Peter Serafinowicz, of the possibly acclaimed Peter Serafinowicz Show, has put together a couple videos in the style of Apple's stodgy online product demonstration videos, imagining two new products from the company. The iToilet, below, is relatively uninspired (it's funny because it's impossible, and something to do with bathrooms! Ha!) but the Mactini is kind of fantastic. Not to mention Serafinowicz's wonderfully convincing half-Jobs, half-generic-demo-guy character, who is only a wandering eye away from fitting right into Apple's product tour rotation. [Cult of Mac]

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The Evolution of the Console Controller [Video Games]

sauce: Gizmodo

It's not just some unfounded stereotype that video game controllers have gotten more complex over time, just look at this fantastic chronological illustration.

The controllers are offered in proper scale with each set of hands sized identically. And we see, while controllers have gotten more complicated, they've also grown larger—though we look to have peaked back in the last generation (if you discount arsenal of peripherals you'll find in Rock Band or GHIV).

One trend we found interesting: The ill-fated Atari 5200 represented the early height of how-many-buttons-will-this-thing-fit engineering. And I don't think that it was before two successful generations of consoles later that the arms race picked up again. [Chewing Pixels via Offworld]

[From The Evolution of the Console Controller [Video Games]]

Iraq Shoe Tosser Guy: The Animated Gifs

sauce: Boing Boing

Mr. al-Zaidi has become Iraq's version of Joe the Plumber -- with nicer taste in loafers. (Thanks, John Walsh!) Previously: Arab shoe-tossing isn't a gesture of friendly affection

Update: And the hits keep on comin'!

(that last one via substitute.livejournal.com

[From Iraq Shoe Tosser Guy: The Animated Gifs]

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Adventurous teabag danglers

sauce: Boing Boing

Love the little adventure dudes on the ends of these teabags, custom designed for a posh cafe in Istanbul.

Activitea... (see what I did there)

[From Adventurous teabag danglers]

13 Aralık 2008 Cumartesi

Classic Hip-Hop Album Covers Redone in Lego: Dr. Dre is More Cuddly as a Minifig [Lego]

sauce: Gizmodo

The ironists over at Formatmag have taken 20 classic hip-hop albums and Lego-fied them, making famous grumpy scowlers like The Game and Nas into everyone's favorite tiny plastic figurines.

Some of the transformations work out in expected ways: De La Soul, Common, and the Beastie Boys all look cute as cheerful minifigs. Somehow they managed to find a minifig as angry-looking as The Game, but reimagined him as more of a crazy biker with pinkeye:

But my favorite has to be Dr. Dre's "The Chronic," just for how inappropriately happy he looks in Lego.

[via Prefix]

[From Classic Hip-Hop Album Covers Redone in Lego: Dr. Dre is More Cuddly as a Minifig [Lego]]

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Driving Simulator on Google Maps

sauce: geoquake

2d driving simulator on google maps. must be played!

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Obento! "Cute lunches made for me by my girlfriend!"

sauce: Make Magazine

 3154 3081904301 2519404F94 B

Man, this is super cute... Obento! "Cute lunches made for me by my girlfriend!" - her site is here.


Nintendo DS Bento.


Amazing bento art.

[From Obento! "Cute lunches made for me by my girlfriend!"]

Balloon tank

sauce: Make Magazine

Balloon tank

[From Balloon tank]

Brick Brothers: BrickArms under attack in recent Sun edition [Editorial]

sauce: Brick Brothers

BrickArms under attack in recent Sun edition [Editorial]

[From BrickArms under attack in recent Sun edition [Editorial]]

Monoscope: Fruta Del Diablo

sauce: Monoscope

[From Fruta Del Diablo]

Signalnoise: Inspiration: Logos from Canada

sauce: Signalnoise

Logos from Canada

Logos from Canada

Logos from Canada

Here is a round-up of some fine Canadian logos, grabbed from one of my favorite websites, The Canadian Design Resource. Canada has a wonderful history in terms of identity design with simple and iconic logos, most of which remain quite timeless. Listed above are:

1. Canadian Metric Movement

2. Westbeach

3. Okanagan Spring Brewery icon

4. Montreal Alouettes

5. Potash Corporation

6. Marlborough Hotel

7. Delta Acceptance

8. Art Gallery of Ontario

9. Toronto Images Festival

10. Northwest Territories

11. Ville de Sainte-Laurent

12. Green party

We live in a time when logos seem very polished and over-produced, a logical side-effect given the technology we now have, however most of the above stand the test of time. I am especially fond of the Potash Corporation, Northwest Territories and the Green Party logos. Beautiful in their simplicity, and I don’t say that only because I am Canadian :)

[From Inspiration: Logos from Canada]


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