22 Aralık 2008 Pazartesi

LG 14.1-inch laptop LCD for indoor and outdoor use

if this is working in everyday use as intended this technology is pure WIN!

sauce: Obsessable: LG 14.1-inch laptop LCD for indoor and outdoor use

LG has developed a new LCD technology offering transmissive and reflective illumination, which basically means that it will perform well both inside in normal lighting conditions and outside in the sun. LG's Backlight Data Signal Switching Technology will allow users to easily switch between the two modes. The transmissive mode offers a backlight like the majority of current laptops and cellphones, whereas the reflective mode will use ambient light to generate contrast for the screen's display. This reflective mode will have the added benefit of consuming 75% less energy than the traditional backlit method, which should mean prolonged battery life in laptops featuring this technology. These LG displays aren't available in any devices yet, but the original production run is aimed to develop 14.1-inch screens for laptops, so we should be seeing a few laptops with this technology after it officially debuts at CES 2009.

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